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Pirates is a next expansion to Neuroshima Hex 3.0, the iconic game about the world of Neuroshima. A pirate flag fluttered over the Caribbean islands where King Contamination and Queen Neo-Jungle would rule. The gangsters of the seas have a few surprises for their enemies... The new army plays by unprecedented rules, extending the standard Battlefield with special Water Spaces, to which only Pirates have access. The large quality of battle tiles allows them to control the pace of the game, which is crucial when planning in the headquarters location throughout the game. Pirates' weakness is the low Initiative and lack of Toughness, as well as the negligible Mobility of non-floating units. Remember that the Pirate Army cannot be used when playing with the Expanded Battlefield rules (5 and 6 player games, or expanded 4 player games).




They need a captain!

Some people can thwart even Moloch's and Neo-Jungle's plans. Those here used to sail on ships, but switched to motor boats. They are always hungry for riches, good rum and (above all) picking a fight. The pirates came to kick some landmen’s asses. They have harpoons, water cannons, but one thing they don’t have — a good captain. You already have experience, and it's time to finally switch sides. So, are you ready to swim?



Sea Wolves

When Pirates enter the game, the standard Battlefield is enlarged by 12 border Water Spaces. They can only contain units with the Drift trait — that is, only Pirate units. At the end of a Battle, simultaneously move each unit with the Drift trait to the next Water space in clockwise order. Units with the Drift trait are not affected by any other effects that change placement or tiles. At the same time, Water Spaces do not have to be filled when a Battle would start due to the board being filled — only count the standard 19 hex spaces.




An Implant is a new type of unit, depicting additional actions a player may perform during their turn. Once per turn, a player may activate one Implant placed on the board that belongs to their Army. For example, thanks to the Tavern Implant action, Pirates can immediately start a Battle which is resolved according to the standard rules. What a swashbucklers of these salty dogs...



Neuroshima Hex 3.0: Pirates


  • Expansion to the legendary game Neuroshima Hex 3.0;
  • The standard Battlefield is becoming bigger thanks to the Water Spaces where only units with the Drift trait are allowed!
  • Lead the Pirates to board and dominate the battlefield with the Bosman, Smuggler or Steersman!







  • 35 Pirates tiles
  • 2 Pirate markers
  • 1 Net marker
  • 12 Water Adjacency tokens
  • 3 Wound markers
  • 1 replacement tile
  • rulebook


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