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Neuroshima Hex 3.0: New York ENG

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New York didn’t collapse. Destroyed by atomic bombs, transformed into a fortress among the ruins, it still fights in the defense of the ideals of Free America. So far it has become a capital of the small state of the same name and has start a crusade to restore the human world. At the same time it has usurped the role of guiding the nation, and removed their opponents wherever they can. Again and again the new troops set off on expeditions to the wilderness in search of new resources and prewar technologies, recruiting useful people along the way. The city itself has become a fortified police state, one of the few safe places in the ruined world, where you pay for peace with your obedience.

The Deck description: The army’s advantage is the diversity of units, including a lot of shooting units. A great strength is the Headquarters, which gives additional endurace points, and the presence of spies, which can use enemy modules.

The army’s disadvantage is a smaller possibility of creating strong offensive coalitions, and the fact that the HQ’s special ability is rather defensive.

Tactical advice: The New York HQ should be surrounded by its own units as soon as possible to strengthen them and create a hard-to-break wall around the HQ. As the game proceeds, refill empty spaces around the HQ as quickly as possible. When the HQ is strongly defended, New York can better attack the enemy.

Tactical advice for the opponent: Even if it it means sacrificing your own units, the hexes around New York’s HQ should be occupied – it’s still preferable to sacrifice a friendly unit leaving an empty space by the HQ than to have a NY unit with additional endurance there.

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Shipping: 7-14 days

Age: 10+
Game length:
30 min

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