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Neuroshima HEX 3.0: Doomsday Machine


The Doomsday Machine is an automated, deadly trap - an intelligent security system protecting a secret base hidden in the radioactive wastelands. Its algorithm commands it to destroy any intruder, whether it is a man, mutant or a Moloch robot. What could be hidden behind such a powerful defense system? The army advantages are: long-distance Modules, large number of Medics, also a Trap and a Small bomb, which can clear some space on the board in case of enemy dominance. However, the biggest strength of this army are its special units, which are able to redirect and duplicate Ranged attacks (Doom Net Fighter, Fireblast and Tripler). The army disadvantages are: small number of fighting units, low initiative, fewer chances to start a Battle and almost complete lack of Mobility.
Shipping: 7-14 days

Age: 10+
Game length:
30 min

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