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Monolith Arena Expansions

€24.00 €16.80

Bundle contains: 

  • Monolith Arena: Academics
  • Monolith Arena: Golems

MONOLITH ARENA is required to use these expansions.

Age: 10+
Players: 2-4
Game length: 30 min

Shipping: 7-14 days
MONOLITH ARENA is a fast, fantasy skirmish board game for two to four players. Learn the features of your warriors. Find and exploit your enemy's weak points. Always be ready to change your tactics.


Monolith Arena: Academics

The Academics is and expansin for the fantasy-based battleground board game Monolith Arena. It contains many mesmerizing mages and lots of powerful runes.

It includes an additional mechanism called Mana, and a brand new battle effect that heals units on the board.

The Academics are a guild of sorcerers, yet they are so much more. They not onlu control the flow of magic but also rule miraculous cities and states that have been formed with a mixture of magic and technology. Are you ready to control this flow?

Monolith Arena: Golems

  • An expansion that introduces a new Faction to the bestselling Monolith Arena.
  • New mechanics allow Constructors to build impressive and mighty Golems, but beware, the Constructions also present limitations.
  • New double-sided Champion tokens built by Constructors
    become damaged instead of taking wounds.


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