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Empires of the North

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Settlers from three Nordic empires have decided to start their voyages and set sail for new lands in hopes of finding more resources, and increasing their opportunities to expand. Building new structures, taking advantage of upcoming events, and outsmarting opponents is their path to greatness. You don’t know who your opponent might be; it might even be a different clan from your nation. Even so, you will do what is necessary. Your current lands are meager, and the resources scarce, so you’ll need to work hard to acquire the food and resources necessary to thrive!

Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North is a card game in which players lead one of six clans from three different factions. The game plays out over a series of rounds, during which players explore new lands, construct buildings, trade resources, and sail to new lands with the aim of either conquering, or pillaging to gain more goods! Each

action draws the clans closer to becoming the greatest empire! The game ends in the same round that any player reaches the 25 victory points mark.


The goal of the game is to have the most Victory Points, earned by expanding your Clan and sailing off to unexplored Islands. During the game, players can gain Victory Points from actions taken throughout the game, from Location features, and from the Locations and Resources that are possessed by the Clan. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game has built the greatest Empire and wins the game!

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Shipping: 7-14 days

Age: 10+
Game length:
45 - 90 min

  • 220 cards,
  • over 130 custom wooden markers
  • 1 Expedition board
  • 1 Score board
  • 16 Ship tokens
  • 5 Action tokens
  • 11 Raze Tokens
  • 4 Clan tiles
  • 5 Marker tokens
  • First Player token
  • 2 Multipler tokens
  • 21 Gold tokens
  • 6 Faction markers
  • 8 stickers
  • 1 Solo Variant booklet
  • 1 Rulebook

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