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Eleven is a strategic game by Thomas Jansen (Club Stories, Tavern, Streetpainball) set in the world of football. You will be faced with the task of managing and developing your own football club to dominate the league and defeat your opponents at the end of the season. Each day of the Week will be associated with different demanding tasks. Thanks to skillful management you will carry out further transfers, train players, hire new employees, acquire sponsors and expand your own stadium. All this to ensure that your team is ready to win on the decisive day of the match. Eleven was a huge success during the crowdfunding campaign, gaining nearly 4,000 backers on Gamefound.





Yesterday it rained, but today is sunny - perfect weather for a game. The players have already gone onto the pitch. Nine had an injury a month ago, but he's feeling pretty good. Five's situation is much worse - in recent weeks he has not scored too many goals, maybe today it will change. But the thing that really needed to be changed was the coach. The last one was a complete failure. And you? Do you know them well enough? The first whistle sounded. Well, we'll see in a moment ...



A week at the stadium

The gameplay of Eleven takes place over 6 Weeks, and each day marks a different phase of the game. On Monday, you acquire Resources for your Club and draw a Board Meeting card, facing the tasks assigned to it. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are filled with many responsibilities: transfers of players, hiring staff, expansion of the stadium, etc. Friday is the decisive day - the day of the Match. This is when you'll manage your Tactics cards and Player abilities to win the game. The phases of Monday and Friday are resolved simultaneously, but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be played in turns with other players.



Transfer Area

The center of the table will be the Transfer Area, the main zone of a game common to all players. First, there are two decks of players - Youngsters and Regular players - with their Untrained side up. Secondly, there are Staff and Sponsor decks. Next to the Transfer Area, there are facedown decks of Board Meeting cards, Tactics, Objectives, and 4 decks of Opponents (divided into Leagues) that you will face every Friday during the Match.



Player Boards

Each player will have 3 of their own boards at their disposal. The Stadium Board is where you shine - that's where you will place the Stadium Infrastructure tokens and the Contracted Sponsors cards that you will get during the game. The Club Board is a place for your Staff cards and 4 Statistics tracks - Cash, Fan Base, Operation and Fitness. But on the Match Board 10 Jersey markers will represent the Players you have transferred and the strategy that you choose during the Match.





  • A strategic game by Thomas Jansen (Club Stories, Tavern, Streetpainball) set in the world of football;
  • Huge success of the crowdfunding campaign and nearly 4,000 backers on Gamefound;
  • Manage and develop your own football club by leading it to victory in the league - also in solo game!







  • 1 League table board
  • 28 budget markers
  • 20 fan base markers
  • 20 operation markers
  • 20 fitness markers
  • 1 twelve-sided die
  • 20 strength tokens
  • 12 weakness tokens
  • 10 injury tokens
  • 10 suspension tokens
  • 24 victory point tokens
  • 62 player cards
  • 12 tactic cards
  • 12 objective cards
  • 16 director cards
  • 36 staff cards
  • 36 sponsor cards
  • 36 board meeting cards
  • 64 opponent cards
  • 3 opponent dice
  • 16 opponent team markers
  • 8 reminder tokens
  • 8 multiplier tokens
  • 1 stage marker
  • 28 stadium infrastructure tokens
  • 3 scenario sheets
  • 1 score sheets notebook
  • components For Each Player 
    • 4 match boards
    • 16 stat markers
    • 52 jersey markers
    • 4 team emblem tokens
    • 4 stadium boards
    • 24 score/Maintenance/office markers
    • 4 team markers
    • 4 six-sided dice
    • 4 club boards


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