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Vienna Connection

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Vienna Connection is a cooperative espionage board game. It's a game night experience that lets you and your friends take on the role of spies conducting secret operations during the historic Cold War era! The game contains four unique missions taking place across Europe, including Vienna, Prague and Berlin. 

90 - 120 min  |   1-8 players  |  16+ years old
Authors: Ignacy Trzewiczek, Jakub Poczęty, Przemysław Rymer, Jakub Łapot

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Vienna Connection is the newest cooperative espionage board game for 1-5 players from Portal Games. This story-driven board game is set in Central Europe during historic Cold War era. Become CIA agents sent on four missions forming a single epic story. Outthink foreign agents, run secret operations, intercept Soviet reports and decode CIA messages. The game mechanics are inspired by the award-winning Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, but have been further developed to reflect the espionage theme.




Vienna Connection is a perfect choice for you if you like story-driven games with immersive narration and engaging plot. It’s a fascinating story inspired by true events from 1970s Europe. The plot, designed by Przemysław Rymer, could easily be used as a script for a top-rated TV mini-series on Netflix or HBO. The four missions presented in the box form a single epic story—so if you like TV shows like True Detective, The Outsider, or Mosaic, this might be right up to your alley!

Vienna Connection is a game night experience. It’s not a single session eurogame that you play any day with any group. Instead, this is an entire game night adventure, with clues, leads, and red herrings. It’s the kind of game that you debate and discuss hours after finishing. It involves deciphering messages and analysing various reports and documents for evidence. If you love brainstorming with your friends, debating and discussing different theories and solutions—this is the game for you!

Vienna Connection is the first true spy game. If you like this genre of movies and novels, you can finally play a game about being a spy. There’s no game like it. You run secret operations, intercept Soviet reports, decode messages from the CIA—you do all things you’ve seen in movies. It is a true spy game!

Vienna Connection is a story-driven game. It doesn’t offer many challenges to eurogamers, nor a chance to master a specific strategy to improve the way you can win. It is a story experience—like being part of an interactive TV show. If you’re looking for deep strategic challenges in gaming, you might not find them here.

Vienna Connection is a campaign game consisting of 4 missions. It shines when played as a complete experience. Separate game sessions are less interesting if you don’t know, or don’t experience the whole story. If you feel like you can’t dedicate 4 game nights to play the entire game, you might consider passing on this preorder.

The game is heavily language-dependent. You will read a ton of cards, reports, and files. It’s a full-blown narrative experience. The box comes with 100 pages of different files and documents! Please, consider waiting for a local edition of the game if you and your group are not fluent English speakers.

Vienna Connection

Key points: 

  • cooperative espionage board game for 1-5 players
  • story-driven game set in Central Europe during historic Cold War era
  • become CIA agents sent on four missions forming a single epic story
  • unique spy game blending fiction with documentary journalism


  • 100 pages of files
  • 72 cards (70x120 mm) 
  • 8 Mission sheets
  • 15 wooden tokens
  • 1 rulebook 
  • 4 envelopes for Missions, which contain: 
    • Mission intro
    • Local agents set
    • Operations set
    • An envelope with the decryption code

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