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Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales


Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales is the second expansion for the acclaimed game of castaway survival, Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island! This expansion includes an entirely new way to play, in addition to some familiar components to add variability to your base game. Embark on an expedition where haunting challenges await. Play two new scenarios that will test even the most experienced players! Experience Robinson Crusoe with the all new Horror Mode!


Campaign + 2 stand alone scenarios:

Lost city of Z (5 part campaign)

Colonel Fawcett is lost. He came to this region in search of the Lost City of Z and never made it back. You are here to solve the mystery. Is Fawcett alive? Is the City of Z real? What hides within this mysterious forest...

Hunting convicts (scenario no. 12)

Your ship has sunk but you survived, washing ashore an uninhabited island... along with the very prisoners you were transporting! Now, you’ll have to hunt them down.

In the belly of the beast (scenario no. 13)

Cultists are preparing to awaken mythical creatures to wreck havoc on the civilized world. You must stop this! Prepare the weapons, ready yourself, and set out to fight in the belly of the beast!

Expansion requires the base game!

If you are in USA or Canada please go to Portal Games US Store.

Shipping: 7-14 days

Age: 14+
Game length:
60 - 90 min

  • 1 scenario sheet
  • 1 Campaign Book
  • 1 Diary of Expedition Participants
  • 5 Dice Stickers
  • 60 Adventure Cards
  • 24 Mystery Cards
  • 9 Character Cards
  • 2 Native Cards
  • 82 Event Cards
  • 3 Wreckage Cards
  • 8 Condition Cards
  • 10 Cultist Cards
  • 3 New Invention Cards
  • 27 Insanity Cards
  • 1 Local Guide Card
  • 17 Equipment Cards
  • 5 Lair Cards
  • 9 Convict Cads
  • 10 Tiles
  • 4 Character Boards
  • 3 Madness Tokens
  • 3 Numbers Tokens
  • 46 Tokens
  • Gathering Tile
  • Hunting Tile
  • Traps Tile
  • Cultist Tile
  • 8 Action Pawns
  • 2 Local Guide Action Pawns
  • 1 Green Marker
  • 8 Equipment Markers
  • 9 Sanity Markers

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