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Detective: Dig Deeper

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Detective: Dig Deeper Preorder

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game is required to play.

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Age: 16+
Game length per case:
120 - 180 min.


Authors: Rob Daviau

Detective: Dig Deeper on Board Game Geek website

Download Dig Deeper Rulebook in PDF

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Boston has seen better days. Lots of protests. Civil unrest. Racial tensions. It’s a brooding city struggling to find its footing. Some days it’s simmering. Other days it’s cooking. What a time to fight crime. You drive a sweet car. You wear a leather coat. Maybe you crack a skull or two now and again.The 1970s are interesting and this week looks to be no different.

Dig Deeper is an expansion to the award-winning Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. It shares the same concept and uses most of the base rules, with a few changes reflecting old investigating techniques from the past.

Detective: Signature Series has been created to allow the best storytellers in the industry to take the Detective engine and use it to tell their stories.

Rob Daviau’s Case opens the series, and Rob takes us all by surprise, getting us to Boston in 70′. For those of us who remember crime TV shows like Starsky & Hutch it’s time to turn good music on and let the sentiment and memories take us for the ride to the past.

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