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Robinson Crusoe: Treasure Chest

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Robinson Crusoe: Treasure Chest

    Robinson Crusoe: Treasure Chest is the complete collection of every promo released thus far—created both by the Portal Games team, and creative fans from around the world. Here you will find new Scenarios that present completely new adventures: encountering cruel poachers, following the footsteps of Doctor Livingstone, boarding the Time Machine, experiencing an adventure in Neverland, and setting out for a quest on Treasure Island. The Treasure Chest also grants access to new Characters and Crewmen as well as ways to diversify your gameplay with Searching the Beach cards. For the players who need a few new surprises, we have added new cards to shuffle into existing decks—bonus Shelter Upgrades, as well as Feature, Mystery, and Event cards. All of this, and more, awaits you inside the Treasure Chest.

    Age: 14+
    Game length:
    60 - 120 min

    If you are in USA or Canada please go to Portal Games US Store.

    Shipping: 7-14 days
    Treasure Chest is a complete set of all previously published promos and miniexpansions to the cooperative board game Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek. This expansion consists of additional cards, tokens, characters, and scenarios significantly adding to the game’s replayability. Robinson Crusoe is ranked as one of the best thematic cooperative board games. It’s also known for its excellent solo mode. Pre-order at Portal Games official store to enjoy a special discount and a pre-release delivery.

    Thick fog covers the whole island as if to diminish all hope. 

    The only sounds are soft slices of a shovel digging into sandy ground. The dimmed glow of a lantern stands next to a hole, about a meter deep, lighting the outline of a muscular man in a shirt with the sleeves rolled way up.

    Raindrops begin to fall, which is of little matter to the digger, who continues his task until the satisfying clang of shovel against metal. As the tool meets resistance, the seeker's pupils widen. He drops to his knees and rushes to dig with his bare hands. He found it! The treasure chest—long missing for decades—unveils its heavy, decayed lid...

    Only the most persistent of seekers reach the Treasure Chest, ...

    and you are one of them! Meet new Characters and Crewmen! Gain additional food, acquire bonus upgrades, Feature, Secret, and Event cards! In the Treasure Chest you will find 5 fan-made and author created Scenarios never before available! You'll face the cruel poachers, follow Dr. Livingstone, travel in the Time Machine, experience adventure in Neverland, and set off on a quest to Treasure Island. The last two of these scenarios are pure carefree fun, designed especially for families and children.

    Robinson Crusoe: Treasure Chest

    • Experience the Adventure of the mysterious cursed island in a whole new way!
    • Combine new components with those from the basic version of the game, improve your shelter, and face new beasts!
    • Feel the adventure calling thanks to the infinite replayability!

    Robinson Crusoe: Treasure Chest

    • 7 Beast cards
    • 14 Hunting Adventure cards
    • 9 Glass cards
    • 6 Crewman cards
    • 8 Design Your Expansion cards
    • 7 Event cards
    • 12 Mystery cards
    • 9 Searching the Beach cards
    • 9 Secret Traits cards
    • 10 Trait cards
    • 1 Hunting dog card
    • Custom wooden markers: fish and parrots
    • Gamer character (board and pawns)
    • Sailor character (board and pawns)
    • Tracing Doctor Livingstone Scenario
    • Time Travel Scenario
    • Treasure Island Scenario
    • Adventure in Neverland Scenario
    • 3 Spyglass tiles
    • 13 Discovery tokens
    • 1 Cloth bag
    • 1 Herb Garden tile
    • 1 Pen tile
    • 1 Volcano tile
    • 4 Shelter upgrade tiles
    • 1 rulebook

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    Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales



    RC: drewniane znaczniki / wooden pieces


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